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[javaee-spec issues] [JIRA] Commented: (JAVAEE_SPEC-36) Adapt to Java SE 8 Repeating Annotations

Nigel Deakin (JIRA) 05/19/2014

[javaee-spec issues] [JIRA] Updated: (JAVAEE_SPEC-29) EL-Enabled Authorization Annotation

alex.kosowski (JIRA) 05/24/2014

[javaee-spec issues] [JIRA] Created: (JAVAEE_SPEC-38) JAR files in the application package referenced by a WAR file might be ignored

bafco (JIRA) 05/27/2014

[javaee-spec issues] [JIRA] Assigned: (JAVAEE_SPEC-9) Simplify and standardize authentication & role mapping

alex.kosowski (JIRA) 05/28/2014
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