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Java EE Platform Specification

This is the project for the Java EE Platform specification. The Java EE Platform specification is the umbrella specification that defines the Java EE platform. The platform specification doesn't define the Java EE APIs directly, but rather includes them by reference to other Java specifications and defines how they all fit together in the overall Java EE platform. The platform specification also defines other attributes of the platform such as security, deployment, transactions, and interoperability.

Java EE 6 was released on Dec 10, 2009. Java EE 7 is currently under development as JSR 342 and is the main focus of this project. The Spec Leads for Java EE 7 are Linda DeMichiel and Bill Shannon. You'll find a full list of the Expert Group members on the JSR 342 page.

Project Communication

You can track all the platform expert group communication by subscribing to the "users" mailing list. To subscribe, or to browse the archives, see the Mailing Lists page.

You can find the latest drafts of proposals and other working documents on the Documents page.

Other Java EE Specifications

Most of the other Java EE specifications that are under active development have project pages here as well:

Java EE 7 Schedule

In preparation for a timely release of Java EE 7 in April 2013, we've established milestones for the JSRs under the Java EE 7 umbrella.

The milestone dates indicated below are the absolute latest dates that will allow the Java EE 7 release target date to be achieved. It is strongly recommend that spec leads aim for submissions in advance of these dates.

Group 1: JMS, JSON, Batch, BV

Date Milestone
03/20/2013 Submission of Materials for Final Ballot to the JCP
03/26/2013 Start of Final Ballot
04/08/2013 Completion of Final Ballot
04/15/2013 Release of Spec, RI, TCK

Group 2: JSF

Date Milestone
03/27/2013 Submission of Materials for Final Ballot to the JCP
04/02/2013 Start of Final Ballot
04/15/2013 Completion of Final Ballot
04/22/2013 Release of Spec, RI, TCK

Group 3: WebSocket, CDI, JPA, JAX-RS, EL

Date Milestone
04/03/2013 Submission of Materials for Final Ballot to the JCP
04/09/2013 Start of Final Ballot
04/22/2013 Completion of Final Ballot
04/29/2013 Release of Spec, RI, TCK

Group Final: Java EE Platform, Servlet, EJB, JSR-236

Date Milestone
04/10/2013 Submission of Materials for Final Ballot to the JCP
04/16/2013 Start of Final Ballot
04/29/2013 Completion of Final Ballot
05/13/2013 Release of Spec, RI, TCK (Final Release of Java EE 7)

Group MR: Maintenance Releases (MRs)

Date Milestone
02/07/2013 Submission of MR to the JCP
02/12/2013 MR posted
03/26/2013 Completion of Maintenance Review Ballot

Note that Reference Implementations for non-Oracle led JSRs will need additional coordination for platform integration, which is not described here.

Common Annotations for the Java Platform 1.2 Maintenance Draft

Common Annotations for the Java Platform 1.2 Maintenance Draft

Compatibility Requirements

The rules we follow to ensure backwards compatibility when revising Java EE specifications are described on the Compatibility Requirements page.

Annotation Rules

Annotations are used heavily in the Java EE programming model. It's important that all Java EE specifications define and use annotations in a consistent way. We've written up some DRAFT rules on how annotations work.

About "JEE"

For more about "JEE", see this page.

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