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Last updated September 15, 2011 20:38, by ievans

Java EE Tutorial Extras

This is the Java EE Tutorial Extras project. It is a collection of documentation and example applications that go beyond the Java EE platform, and is supplemental to the Java EE Tutorial project's documentation and examples.

The Java EE Tutorial example applications are designed to be portable across all Java EE servers, and to only show features of the Java EE platform. The example applications in this project don't have this restriction. The only requirement is that they interface in some way with Java EE platform technologies. Generally, the example applications in this project will fall into one of the following categories:

  • Java EE applications that use implementation-specific features (for example, a web application that uses IceFaces-specific Facelets tags).
  • Java applications that act as clients to Java EE services (for example, a JavaFX client application).
  • Applications written in languages other than Java that interact with Java EE applications or services (for example, a Groovy web application that uses EJBs for the business logic).
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