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JavaMail 1.4.7 final release

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by: Bill Shannon
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Posted: March 09, 2013 01:42 by Bill Shannon
I'm happy to announce the final release of JavaMail 1.4.7!
You'll find the release at

The 1.4.7 release contains several bug fixes and enhancements,
including the following significant changes:
  • EXPERIMENTAL Gmail IMAP provider
  • support for debug output using java.util.logging
  • fixes for two serious bugs in JavaMail 1.4.6

The full list of changes is in the file CHANGES.txt, included in the
download file and viewable in the source code repository here:

Note that starting with the previous release we've adopted a new Maven naming
approach. The new approach is described here:
As a result the Maven group and artifact IDs for the main JavaMail
implementation are now com.sun.mail:javax.mail, and the main jar
file is named "javax.mail.jar".

The JavaMail javax.mail-1.4.7.jar file is available in the
Maven Repository ( starting here:
It is also available from the Maven Central repository.

You'll find the source code for this version in the Mercurial repository
and in the Downloads section of the JavaMail project on Kenai:

Please send feedback to


The JavaMail Team
Replies: 0 - Last Post: March 09, 2013 01:42
by: Bill Shannon
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