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Meeting minutes February 07, 2013

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by: Anatole
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Posted: February 28, 2013 17:23 by Anatole
Meeting minutes February 07, 2013
In attendance:
Stephen Colebourne, Jeremy Davies, Sascha Freitag, Werner Keil, ?
Anatole Tresch

  • We made a short personal introduction as a start.
  • We agreed that we have to define responsibilities to achieve EDR release until end of March.
  • We agreed to try to have biweekly conf calls for the next time, Anatole will be on holidays for the next two weeks.
  • Some responsibilities were assigned.
  • Additionally a discussion was started, what the scope of the JSR would best be. There are parts that match better to SE, whereas as others are more EE or standalone flavored. Anatole agreed to create a JSR doodle scope ballot on this topic. Werner agreed to try to motivate some other spec leads to also join the ballot.

Despite the scope discussion, which has taken quite a lot of time, the following responsibilities were defined. Hereby this includes of bringing the API as well as the according spec parts to a final release state. At a later stage of the JSR also the RI and TCK will be part of a topic:
  • Jeremy has agreed to take care of aspects such as precision and scale.
  • Werner will care on topics such as CLDC/ME RI bundles.
  • Anatole will focus on currency exchange and extensions.

Other topics discussed were:
  • Comparable, Cloneable and similar must be removed from the API. They should applied to the implementations only to avoid dependencies on API level.
  • Value Holder Classes must be final.

Finally Anatole agreed to setup another doodle for the upcoming EG call.
Replies: 0 - Last Post: February 28, 2013 17:23
by: Anatole
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