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EDR Feedback - ISO 20022

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by: Anatole
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Posted: May 23, 2013 07:37 by Anatole

Wipro (Magesh Kasturi) suggested considering also ISO 20022:

There is no technical specification related to ISO 20022. Since business cases involves in money transfers, developer community would expect data structure related to messaging attributes like Swift.

This topic should help to decide how we can best support this standard.

Posted: May 23, 2013 08:40 by simas_ch
There is a great site (but in German!) about ISO 20022:

For the formats have a look at: (also in English)
Posted: May 23, 2013 15:38 by Anatole

I looked at the format: hereby section 2.34 Amount looks interesting:
Presence: [1..1]
Definition: Amount of money of the cash balance.
Data Type: ActiveOrHistoricCurrencyAndAmount
This data type must be used with the following XML Attribute: Currency (Ccy) which is typed by


Format: ActiveOrHistoricCurrencyAndAmount
fractionDigits: 5
minInclusive: 0
totalDigits: 18


Rule(s): ActiveOrHistoricCurrencyAndAmount


The number of fractional digits (or minor unit of currency) must comply with ISO 4217.
Note: The decimal separator is a dot.

see also

Replies: 2 - Last Post: May 23, 2013 15:38
by: Anatole
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