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Telco/Meeting Preparation

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by: Anatole
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Posted: May 31, 2013 09:33 by Anatole

Agenda for next Telco/Hangout:

Planing and further progress

Next Steps

  • Organizational Setup
  • EG streamlining

Areas of interest

API changes / EDR feedback

  • General alignment with 310/JDK 8 concepts (still based on JDK 7)
  • Update/extensions of the specification

Quality ensurance

  • Write tests for all (existing) artifacts in all modules
  • Hereby think on reusing tests as part of the TCK (possibly with adaptions)
  • Connect build with Sonar
  • Configure and enable automatic deployment (e.g. daily or weekly builds) to the Cloudbees repo
  • Configure release deployment into Apache maven repo

Reference Implementation

  • Define functionality delivered by reference implementation
  • Implement functionality required
  • Write tests for functionality
  • Define and implement update mechanism, e.g. for currencies, regions etc. (refer to 310)

Integration aspects

  • Write samples to ensure working integration with
  • Standalone, e.g. JUnit, TestNG
  • Standalone Weld Container
  • EE 6 Container with different runtime settings for different ears

For each area I would like to denote a separate person from the EG that is responsible for driving its progress. I will prepare a Google spreadsheet, where each EG member can add its interests, so we can see who can be working on what topic.

Feel free to add your comments or update, if I missed something.

Replies: 0 - Last Post: May 31, 2013 09:33
by: Anatole
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