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Meeting Minutes

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by: Anatole
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Posted: June 18, 2013 19:31 by Anatole

Minutes from 16th June 2013

Present: Anatole Tresch, Werner Keil, Chris Pheby, Thomas Hüsler, (Magesh Kasthuri)


General Updates

  • Credit Suisse will support this JSR with 2 additional people.

    Nest Steps

  • Goldman Sachs also will join the JSR.

  • Google (Kark Davis) at least helps us - no official statement for joining so far.
  • Technical contact with Oracle not yet defined. Susi Cech (EC-representative Credit Suisse) will contact Patrick Curran. Basically due to the positive feedback it should be feasible to go for public draft review as a next step.

    ISO 20022 Support

It will be out of scope providing an according full implementation. This banking standard (Swift) should be supported by best efforts, e.g. a JAXB mapping, a factory for according monetary values or according formats that allow to easily use this JSR with ISO 20022.

Discussion of new API proposals

  • Updates/simplification to ItemFormat and LocalizationStyle make sense.
  • Validation aspects are also useful, but integration with Bean Validation is important. Tom/Werner try to have a look at it this week, if possible.
  • Updates to CurrencyUnit makes sense.
  • ValidityInfo basically is also OK.

In general it was decided, that we wait for more feedback (about 1 week) until we push back the changes into the official repo.

Nest Meeting Point possibility: Telco/WebEx this Friday afternoon.

Replies: 0 - Last Post: June 18, 2013 19:31
by: Anatole
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