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[JSR-354] Re: JSR-310 - was Re: Re: Value types

  • From: Werner Keil <werner.keil@...>
  • To: jcurrency_mail@...
  • Subject: [JSR-354] Re: JSR-310 - was Re: Re: Value types
  • Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2013 14:54:08 +0100


I meet with people from Oracle quite often or have conversations.
And the general understanding is, that "ideas and improvements from Oracle" were more a complete redesign.

You or the 2 other Spec Leads, Roger ultimately will also have to fix the issues, JDK Platform Architects like Brian Goetz, Mark Reinhold and others found, especially the "myriad of redundant getXXX() methods" just to name one of them.

We'll base parts of 354 that are targeted at Java SE (9) on the result of these improvements, regardless whether you or Roger (SCM logs mostly show traces of him though in OpenJDK, all you're visible on is that "org.threeten" backport, I don't really see a great point in, but the community may prove me wrong on that) actually commit to OpenJDK.

You are lucky 310 was started long before regulations, as a vast majority of EC Members, not me alone would have declared it Dormant or requested Spec Lead change.
Well, Oracle handled that it's way by having Roger step in and do the work now


On Mon, Jan 28, 2013 at 2:46 PM, Stephen Colebourne <scolebourne@...> wrote:
On 28 January 2013 13:33, Werner Keil <werner.keil@...> wrote:
>> 2) Is the design modelled on JSR-310?
>> 310 is defining the design space of immutable value types in the JDK.
>> Not following the design relatively closely would be a mistake, and
>> may be resisted by Oracle at the point of integration.
> 310 defined nothing, compliant or welcome by the JDK or Oracle I'm afraid.
> The massively refactored results you see in "java.time" driven by the 3rd
> Spec Lead Roger Riggs has practically no similarity with the old
> "javax.time" once found at GitHub which is now all dead code and irrelevant.

Werner, this is FUD that you have been repeating in numerous forums.
The JSR-310 design has been continuously evolving and I have been at
the centre of all the design decisions. The code in OpenJDK is my
code, supplemented with ideas and improvements from Oracle.

The code at GitHub is old simply because active development moved to
OpenJDK as part of integration. The process was entirely continuous.
There was no replacement by an alternate set of Oracle-approved code.

Please stop repeating your nonsense.


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[JSR-354] JSR-310 - was Re: Re: Value types

Stephen Colebourne 01/28/2013

[JSR-354] Re: JSR-310 - was Re: Re: Value types

Werner Keil 01/28/2013

[JSR-354] Re: JSR-310 - was Re: Re: Value types

Stephen Colebourne 01/28/2013

[JSR-354] Re: JSR-310 - was Re: Re: Value types

Werner Keil 01/28/2013
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