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[JSR-354] Specification Document

  • From: Anatole Tresch <atsticks@...>
  • To: Jsr 354 JavaMoney Public Mailinglist <jcurrency_mail@...>
  • Subject: [JSR-354] Specification Document
  • Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2013 00:44:57 +0200

Dear Colleagues

I went through the whole specification document and also did some latest changes to the code base to synchronize both sources. Despite the licence header part at the start of the spec, the document should be now ready for review ;-)

So please, take the time to read the spec through and provide your feedback. If you want to raise any questions, please do that also by using this mailing list, so all can join discussions as needed.
Additionally when giving any feedback, please try to directly make a proposal, how things can be improved, so each proposal/question can effectively be discussed quickly.
Also since I will present this JSR on Friday in Berlin, I will be quite some time offline, so I will be glad for your help, especially also for the following tasks:

1) Can anybody prepare the delivery of our code artifacts into the maven public repo (using the GPG plugin, configuring a delivery profile, some things should already be within the top level pom.
2) @Jeremy, @Stephen: can you both especially review the section on precision/scale and interoperability. I know there is room for improvement here and your opinion/improvements would be very useful ;-)
3) Can anybody also take some time to go through our Wiki and JIRA on and streamline it as needed, so the information there matches the current spec?

This would be great! If anybody can take over a task, please drop a short mail here, so all others know who is working on what tasks this week. With that I am looking for forward to go for EDR on next Monday!


Anatole Tresch
Java Lead Engineer, JSR Spec Lead
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[JSR-354] Specification Document

Anatole Tresch 04/01/2013
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