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[JSR-354] Collaboration is Currency (and a few words on EDR1)

  • From: Werner Keil <werner.keil@...>
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  • Subject: [JSR-354] Collaboration is Currency (and a few words on EDR1)
  • Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2013 16:56:14 +0200


Thanks to Twitter EC Rep Chris Aniszczyk for this link:

Sounds like a cool slogan for the JSR and related projects.

If the collaboration with JCP PMO works out well, we hope, EDR1 could soon be published on They say ~10 days, unless there is still any artifact missing from the last message by Anatole, that part for Spec Lead and EG should be done.

To those of you who haven't heard about the Java 8 delay yet, Java 9 is also delayed until no sooner than first half of 2016, should be out by JavaOne US 2016, but of course there could always be similar troubles as they're facing with Lambda and most other JSRs (308, 310, neither of them even reached Public Draft yet either, so they're all but mature enough to be called stable or Final) under the Java 8 Umbrella, thus we don't even know for sure, if 2016 will hold, or it could slip into early 2017, as well?

JCP 2.8+ ( makes it very clear for JSRs like 354 what that means. After passing the Renewal Ballot mainly due to organizational changes or a few (former) members insisting on too much "Waterfall" for JSRs, we have to follow the next deadlines by the same requirements for progress that introduced Renewal Ballots. That's no more than (approx. a few weeks by legal or PMO delays nobody would hold against us, if the code is ready) 12 months following the first EDR out in a few days or at least 1-3 weeks from now. So early May 2014 is the latest a Public Draft should be out. Followed by the Final Release no later than another 12(ish) months from the date of the Public Draft. So we're speaking about Spring 2015, ideally around a time of JavaOnes like Russia, India or China (or other countries) held in regular intervals now, to produce a Final Release of JSR 354 1.0. 

This is at least 1 year before JDK 9 is scheduled. Thus the "Platform" or JDK-embedded only scope some of you would have liked to see becomes impossible. We cannot wait for a final JDK9 out in Spring 2016 or later, else the JSR would automatically become Dormant and considered a failure.
Given that a sound majority preferred a "Mixed" approach already, that means effectively JavaMoney 1.0 has no real worries about JDK9 whatsoever.
The only touch point could be a "JEP" or subproject of OpenJDK to be proposed as soon as a Java 9 branch of OpenJDK exists. Probably around a year from now, given SE8 isn't Final before that, and unless projects like Jigsaw are in good shape for SE9, it is unlikely they'll branch it long before SE 8 is out.

That leads to the approach of a few implementing classes under "" (see other JSRs like JNDI, it has Context interface and InitialContext implementing it in the same package declared "platform" part of the RI right now, similar to the "Platform API" with underlying base interfaces in "". 
Technically those 2 modules are rather self-contained, and should Oracle insist, some day they could move to something like "" or "java.util.*", in reality given the long delay until Java 9 is out we'd most likely look at an approach similar to JNDI or other JSRs in package namespaces like "javax.xml". Most of these like JNDI or JSRs 105, 172 or 173 were created stand-alone or as parts of Java EE and ME Umbrella Specs, before key components were added to later JDKs without changing any package name from "javax" to "java" there either. Rumor has it, Mark Reinhold may also join us in Zurich in 2 weeks, if he does he'd be able to sanction that or say where he sees a different approach may be necessary. Theoretically he or others at Oracle could bend 
those deadlines, but it would send a wrong signal to and the community, and we already saw they take it seriously now when 354 was a bit late.

Kind Regards,


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[JSR-354] Collaboration is Currency (and a few words on EDR1)

Werner Keil 04/29/2013
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