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[JSR-354] Re: JSR 354 Outlook

  • From: Werner Keil <werner.keil@...>
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  • Subject: [JSR-354] Re: JSR 354 Outlook
  • Date: Sat, 18 May 2013 22:07:07 +0200


Just read the November deadline, but I'm afraid, a non-final JSR and JDK is an absolute no-go, so either Final release would have to slip, or 310 integration planned for a 1.x release or MR of 1.0
I would prefer that to a backport, but let's see what others say.

Greetings from Eurovision Park,

Am 18.05.2013 17:43 schrieb "Anatole Tresch" <atsticks@...>:
Dear Colleagues

as you all know, JSR 354 is currently in EDR until end of May. Nevertheless I want to give some feedback, about I would like to proceed with this JSR. This mail can be also seen as the outcome of the presentation and discussions during the EC F2F meeting here in Zurich of this week and the conferences held by several EG members.
  • Since Java 9 will be so late, that our JSR would be closed before by the JCP process, the mixed scope is not possible. Additionally, since also Oracle sees this JSR as a very important extension to the JDK, it gives as more time for gaining experience with it before adding it to SE 9, by going for a standalone scope.
  • Several discussions with different people during the last weeks also let me change my mind, according backward compliancy with JDK 6/7. I think, we should go for JDK8, use the new 310 types and also benefit from functional interfaces, lambdas and especially also streams. Our JSR will for sure profit from this features.
  • Java 6/7 support still can be achieved by providing a backport to this JSR within some external Open Source project.
  • Additionally I initiated at the EC meeting that we should have a more representative expert group, so we really are defining the best JSR possible. As a result Google, Goldman Sachs and possibly others should also join our EG, and give feedback. Oracle, if not joining directly, will at least provide advice and technical assistance.
  • Also Credit Suisse wants more actively support this JSR. As a result it is planned having this JSR complete until November this year.
  • As we do here very fundamental stuff, which may also be very interesting for other eco-systems/languages, we should talk also with them,.., so our work may be also useful for other organizations beyond the Java eco-system.
I think these are the most important points. With the quite challenging roadmap, I also want to streamline our expert group. This means:
  • Everybody in the EG must check, if he is able and willing to contribute to our JSR within the next months actively. On beginning of June I will organize some Hangout, where I would like to define the different streams on which further work has to be done. I expect that each stream leader acts proactively and also does a corresponding planning and ensures reasonable progress.
  • Those EG members that were silent since last year or already know that they are not able to at least actively follow and participate on the discussions, can write me a mail personally. I will then remove them from the EG member list. Of course, they are still invited to observe our JSR's progress.
Of course, as always, if anybody has feedback or I missed something, let me know.


Anatole Tresch
Java Lead Engineer, JSR Spec Lead
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CH - 8620 Wetzikon

Switzerland, Europe Zurich, GMT+1
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Google: atsticks
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[JSR-354] JSR 354 Outlook

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