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[JSR-354] Re: Next Steps

  • From: Jeff Prestes <jeffprestes@...>
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  • Subject: [JSR-354] Re: Next Steps
  • Date: Fri, 31 May 2013 07:47:50 -0300

Hi Anatole,

I'm sorry I was absent last months. I'm working on PayPal and I was quite busy, it was a hard year. 
However, I'm always reading EG discussions and I would like to help more. I saw your planning progress and I believe I can help writing test cases and implementing currencies and details for Brazil.

Again, I apologize my poor contribution and I hope I can help more team from now.

Kind regards,


2013/5/31 Tresch Anatole (KFSC 225) <anatole.tresch@...>

Dear All


The EDR feedback period will soon be over. There was not much feedback, but generally we have good feedback (!) for our work here, also from colleagues that I have the chance to talk with them directly. So I think we can proceed for the next step, which is Public Review, followed by the Public Review Ballot. RI and TCK still are not part of this step, but it makes sense to continue working on them, since this helps also to keep the scope of our JSR defined and TCK testability also is directly related with the specification’s quality.


Also with the presentations at - more or less - every Java One conference (India, Russia, Shanghai, hopefully also San Francisco) the topic has significantly gained awareness also in the whole community (thanks to all EG colleagues that were actively presenting the JSR at the conferences). Also hereby I would like to encourage all of the EG members to help this JSR gain publicity even more, by speaking at tech conferences at your locations, and/or contact your local JUGs for inviting you to present this JSR. The adopt programs (adoptJSR/adoptOpenJDK) are a very important part to be in contact with the people that actually are using and at the end also supporting the Java platform . Also JUG Chennai ( already started adapting our JSR and also plans to migrate it for small devices. On the expert area on the JCP page you will find several presentations and also according templates for your CFP, so there is not much work needed (beside knowing this JSR well, which I assume is the case, when actively contributing to it ;-) ). If have any questions or need more support, just get in contact with me…


In my last mail I was thinking if we should base on Java 8 instead of 7, but with the planning for having this JSR final until end of year, we can not go for Java 8. Nevertheless we can do all what is possible to be prepared for Java 8 and then create a maintenance JSR to fully support JDK8 features. Therefore I also think, that we should define a corresponding/dedicated interest area so the API overall is well prepared.


I prepared a rough agenda for a next telco/hangout within next one or two weeks. Feel free to update/add topics as needed:

I would prefer doing a hangout, but if needed, I can also do both, and see who will be joining on each meeting. I will send out the doodle until EOD MET


Again I would like to denote one separate person for each area of interest, who actively helps driving the progress of that according area. Also I would like a commitment of each EG member on which areas he can contribute. I also consider the next TelCo/hangouts as mandatory. The ones who will not be able to join, I would like to contact me directly, so we can get in contact in another way. Finally those that did not have done any contributions during the last months (joining the email discussion, also sporadically, is considered at least a small contribution) and will not get in contact with me, are assume they are not willing or further being able to be part of this EG, so I will be asking Oracle to remove them from the EG member list.


Some of the EDR feedback was already translated into two topics on our discussion forum. The other aspects best fit into our JIRA systems, mostly of them are concerning extensions and considerations to the specification document. I will add the tickets also within the next days, along with the original emails.


Ooph! Quite a big message! Nevertheless I am looking forward for the next months and I think, that we will be capable of successfully deliver a substantial extension to the Java ecosystem within the next months.





Anatole Tresch


Information Technology | Java Core Framework & Support, KSXK 23

Zollstrasse 20/36 | 8070 Zürich | Switzerland

Phone +41 44 334 03 89

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