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If filing issues in the issue tracker is not your thing, you can use this page as a place to suggest ideas for JSF 2.2. Keep in mind that we're trying to get this thing done in calendar year 2011, so suggestions such as "rewrite the whole thing in Scala" may not make the cut. A suggestion such as "allow managed beans to be written in scala" may work, however.

You can look at the JSF 2.0 requirements scratchpad for what people suggested last time.

To provide some structure to the edits, let's take the following outline from the JSF 2.2 JSR draft.

Ease of Development

  • Eliminate the need for a tag handler class
  • Make it so cc:interface is optional
  • Injection of the FacesContext (easier for unit testing and custom components)
  • All JSF lifecycle artifacts should be CDI-aware and support injection/JSR-299/JSR-330 (PhaseListeners, NavHandlers, Components, ActionListeners, everything.) -- [Red Hat]
  • Allow composite components to specify their own namespaces
  • Support at least integration into the top 5 application server vendors as part of reference implementation

Portlet Integration

  • Component identification and ajax

New Features

>>>>> On Mon, 14 Feb 2011 17:25:05 +0100, Antonio Goncalves said:

  • Cloud : Java EE 7 is focusing in the Cloud. One difficulty with JSF is to have easy clustering capabilities. Use client-state saving is most of the time not acceptable in terms of performance. Server state saving is impossible out of the box (I managed to make it work with a hook with Terracotta).
  • Flow management : As mentioned on my blog ( having a seperate flow management spec would be great. JSF would then forget about navigation and concentrate on its first goal, graphical components
  • Managed Bean : Talking about navigation and processing, shouldn't managed bean get deprecated (or pruned) as CDI beans would be more appropriate


  • These really should go in the issue tracker, but we'll take feedback here as well
  • Deprecate the "targets" concept
  • Multi-field validation

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