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Last updated June 30, 2012 15:42, by Gregg

Javecho Wiki

Javecho is a project focused on providing a portable Echolink client that will work on all the OSes which Java SE runs on. It uses a Java based GSM codec which provides good quality audio (some say better than the MS Windows echolink client itself).

There are some unique features of Javecho which I put in place as some experimentation to see what kinds of things might be possible. Javecho uses a modified control link protocol which provides web page update/access between multiple Javecho users. It uses the poorly supported, built-in Java editor pane, but it does function for many simpler, basic HTML pages.

I'd like to solicit feedback from the echolink community on the viability of this project and more importantly, looking into interfacing it through DStar dongles to create an interworking environment. Additionally, adding video over D-Star/echolink or at least slow scan TV/fixed imagery transfers might be interesting.

What do you think Echolink could do more/better/different?

If you want to contribute to the Wiki, let me know, and I can move your permissions around to let you have access. I want to keep the spammers away, so observer roles can not edit pages.

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