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Last updated August 08, 2013 07:30, by javonet

javonet Wiki

Javonet is the Java to .NET Interoperability Bridge. It is single jar file solution that allows you to use any .NET library in your JAVA project with native performance. Offering great fluent API it is assumed as simplest JAVA to .NET bridge ever. Developers do not need to make any changes to .NET dlls. Javonet allows them to call any custom, third-party or framework .NET dlls, invoke any methods even generic, get/set any field and work with any objects like they were native JAVA classes.

Javonet provides free trial for commercial projects and free license for non-commercial/academic project. To signup for trial or free license please check:

What's cool about javOnet?

1. High (Native) Performance

2. Light 1-jar file solution

3.Access any custom or framework .NET lib with no changes

4.No proxies generation required

5.Easy fluent reflection-style API

6.No client-server or web services architecture required

7.Supports any method, value types and reference types

8.Cross-platform exception handling

9.Built-in garbage collector propagation

10.FREE fully functional 30-days trial

More details about the project, you will find on project website:

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