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reload i18n bundle on locale switch

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Replies: 1 - Last Post: March 12, 2014 17:02
by: david.baddeley
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Posted: March 06, 2014 11:22 by david.baddeley

I hope someone can help me with this

I have defined a message bundle generator along with a message namespace and filter so that my 'javascript specific' messages are available to my global.js file

This works great, but what I have found is that when I manually switch locale in my app, the messages defined in global.js are not updated so I end up with a mix of serverside locale set with the new locale and jawr bundle still in the original choice

I have defined a LocaleResolver class as defined in the docs which passes the new locale correctly to the net.jawr.web.resource.bundle.locale.LocaleResolver interface (I have checked this)

So shouldnt jawr then reload all the message bundles for me?

Can anybody help me with this? I am a big fan of the project, its a great tool!

btw. I am using v3.3.3
Posted: March 12, 2014 17:02 by david.baddeley
Problem solved, bit of a strange one, our norwegian message bundle had the prefix 'nb', obviously the locale resolver could not find the language so it was failing silently, I changed it to 'no' and it now works ok.

Strange as both are valid ISO 639 codes (nb is the regional variant).
Replies: 1 - Last Post: March 12, 2014 17:02
by: david.baddeley
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