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[jax-rs-spec users] [jsr339-experts] Re: Don't see much use for @Suspend

  • From: Bill Burke <bburke@...>
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  • Subject: [jax-rs-spec users] [jsr339-experts] Re: Don't see much use for @Suspend
  • Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2012 18:02:30 -0400
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On 6/18/12 5:14 PM, Marek Potociar wrote:

On Jun 18, 2012, at 5:16 PM, Bill Burke wrote:

@Suspend is currently a pretty useless annotation.

public void get(@Context ExecutionContext ctx);

Really isn't much different than:

public void get(@Context ExecutionContext ctx)

How about allowing @Suspend to inject an ExecutionContext?

public void get(@Suspend ExecutionContext ctx);

At least in this case, you're saving the typing of @Context.

Interesting idea. I wonder what would you do about field injection (typical for external event 
async scenarios)? I don't like mixing @Context and @Suspend for the two cases. Also, it is weird 
that I would not be able to suspend a method via annotation without injecting the context at the 
same time. Or would I? But in that case I would object that mixing concerns of 
"suspend" and "inject" is confusing.

Can't really have a @Suspend without an ExecutionContext. I'd say remove @Suspend. I don't think it buys any extra usability.

On a related note, I plan to work on extending the async API a bit. I heard rants from external 
users on Tweeter that we are missing a concept of callback that would be able to handle events 
like "connection closed by client", "timeout" etc. Admittedly those rants are 
quite true. So the @Suspend annotation should be convenient for declarative method suspend 
configuration beyond current timeout capabilities.

Sounds great. I really like the idea of those callbacks and have had a need for them in the past for the restful messaging service we wrote. BTW, I don't think the servlet spec has specific callbacks for those events.


Bill Burke
JBoss, a division of Red Hat

[jax-rs-spec users] [jsr339-experts] Don't see much use for @Suspend

Bill Burke 06/18/2012

[jax-rs-spec users] [jsr339-experts] Re: Don't see much use for @Suspend

Marek Potociar 06/18/2012

[jax-rs-spec users] [jsr339-experts] Re: Don't see much use for @Suspend

Bill Burke 06/18/2012

[jax-rs-spec users] [jsr339-experts] Re: Re: Don't see much use for @Suspend

Marek Potociar 06/19/2012
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