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Last updated January 07, 2014 23:03, by ScottKurz
= Guide to JSR 352 TCK tags The tags should be read in context of the proposed 1.0 Maintenance Release (MR). This would be a "spec errata" MR. For more details of the general process, see: * [] * [] = Tags (capture via the ''Whiteboard'' field within Bugzilla) === 1.0_mr_discussion Candidate for inclusion in 1.0 MR, but it is still under discussion to decide whether to include or not. === 1.0_mr_planned Consensus has been reached on the general outline for a particular spec update (in 1.0 MR). The exact wording needs to be provided. === 1.0_mr_pending Having reached consensus on the need for a particular 1.0 MR spec update, the spec proposal has been posted. === tck_1.0 A TCK bug fix is planned (independently of a need for a spec update). This could imply that the spec is clear enough, yet there is an error in the TCK. See [[TCK_ChangeHistory]] for history of past TCK changes. === future Judged as too great an impact for 1.0. Perhaps appropriate for a future release such as a possible 1.1. === suggestion Things that would be nice to add, but for which there is maybe no fundamental ambiguity or contradiction needing to be resolved. '''Note:''' These judgements themselves are open to debate. As the spec lead, our judgements might naturally result in a default categorization but please feel free to challenge this on the public mailing list as well as in the bugzilla bug tracking for an individual bug. = Useful Queries (against Bugzilla) [] '''TODO''' - add more
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