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Last updated May 16, 2013 19:52, by ScottKurz

Change History (while working up to final release)

This info is probably not too interesting to anyone, so we're moving it to this page but not deleting.

Code Drop (Build Version - this is an internal id and is not otherwise externally meaningful)

Build 0313a

  • RI - In SE, I believe we don't correctly load JSL from META-INF/batch-jobs in an archive, but require expansion on disk
  • test with IBM, Oracle JREs
  • RI,TCK - JobOperator has extra method getExecutions(JobInstance instance)
  • RI - JobOperator could use public modifier (minor, style points)
  • RI,TCK - JobOperator uses getParameters(JobInstance instance) spec uses getParameters(long executionId)
  • RI,TCK - JobOperator abandon, RI/TCK uses abandon(JobExecution jobExecution) while spec uses abandon(long executionId)
  • RI - JobOperator restart already added, but parm names, Javadoc not aligned with spec
  • Ri,TCK - StepExecution - Spec has long getId() and RI/TCK is making use of String getName().
    • RI/TCK also has String getStepId() (not used) and long getJobExecutionId() (used for logging but not essential).
    • We need to revist this and if we think we need more from the spec, raise the issue.
  • RI/TCK - support multiple include/excludes on skip/retry... in spite of the XSD support, the RI will throw an exception if it sees more than one of each of include/exclude
  • RI - JobOperator.getStepExecutions return type not fully parameterized as in spec with '?' (minor)
  • RI, TCK - JobExecution has methods: long getExecutionId() , long getInstanceId() while spec has neither but has method long getId()
    • should have bug for this
  • Spec - JobInstance - spec has: long getId() in addition to long getInstanceId(), so getId() can probably just be removed
    • should have bug for this

Build 0228d

  • TCK - In DeciderTestsDecider, stil relying on injected StepContext from older spec version
  • RI,TCK - JobOperator abandon, RI/TCK uses abandon(JobInstance instance) while spec uses abandon(long executionId)
  • RI,TCK - Uses CheckpointAlgorithm.checkpointTimeout(int timeout) spec uses CheckpointAlgorithm.checkpointTimeout()
  • TCK - Remove some unused XMLs
  • support other DBs besides Derby (ship DDLs)
  • Ship javax.inject impl within TCK, RI
  • Java package rename (to* ) and XSD targetNamespace rename (to
    • Note the Glassfish configuration code calling JBatch will need to be tweaked.
    • Note all JSLs will need to be adjusted for the TNS change.
  • RI - Checkpoint timeout tests (EE-only)
  • RI - testPartitionedCollectorAnalyzerReducerChunkRestartItemCount10 - deadlock in Glassfish
  • partitioned batchlet String return value as exit status support
  • Repackaged and refactored SPIs, e.g. to be used in Glassfish
  • Addressed some TCK criticisms in Bug 4702
  • Added JobOperator.getRunningExecutions()
  • Adjust StepContext/StepExecution persistent user data to reflect switch from Externalizable to Serializable (coming in PFD 1.5), but didn't do reader/writer checkpoint yet.

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