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Last updated May 16, 2013 19:52, by ScottKurz
= Change History (while working up to final release) This info is probably not too interesting to anyone, so we're moving it to this page but not deleting. ---- == Code Drop (Build Version - this is an internal id and is not otherwise externally meaningful) ===Build 0313a * RI - In SE, I believe we don't correctly load JSL from META-INF/batch-jobs in an archive, but require expansion on disk * test with IBM, Oracle JREs * RI,TCK - JobOperator has extra method '''getExecutions(JobInstance instance)'' * RI - JobOperator could use '''public''' modifier (minor, style points) * RI,TCK - JobOperator uses '''getParameters(JobInstance instance)''' spec uses '''getParameters(long executionId)''' * RI,TCK - JobOperator abandon, RI/TCK uses '''abandon(JobExecution jobExecution)''' while spec uses '''abandon(long executionId)''' * RI - JobOperator restart already added, but parm names, Javadoc not aligned with spec * Ri,TCK - StepExecution - Spec has '''long getId()''' and RI/TCK is making use of '''String getName()'''. ** RI/TCK also has '''String getStepId()''' (not used) and '''long getJobExecutionId()''' (used for logging but not essential). ** We need to revist this and if we think we need more from the spec, raise the issue. * RI/TCK - support multiple include/excludes on skip/retry... in spite of the XSD support, the RI will throw an exception if it sees more than one of each of include/exclude * RI - JobOperator.getStepExecutions return type not fully parameterized as in spec with '?' (minor) * RI, TCK - JobExecution has methods: '''long getExecutionId()''' , ''' long getInstanceId()''' while spec has neither but has method '''long getId()''' ** should have bug for this * Spec - JobInstance - spec has: '''long getId()''' in addition to '''long getInstanceId()''', so '''getId()''' can probably just be removed ** should have bug for this ===Build 0228d * TCK - In DeciderTestsDecider, stil relying on injected StepContext from older spec version * RI,TCK - JobOperator abandon, RI/TCK uses '''abandon(JobInstance instance)''' while spec uses '''abandon(long executionId)''' * RI,TCK - Uses '''CheckpointAlgorithm.checkpointTimeout(int timeout)''' spec uses ''' CheckpointAlgorithm.checkpointTimeout()'' * TCK - Remove some unused XMLs * support other DBs besides Derby (ship DDLs) * Ship javax.inject impl within TCK, RI * Java package rename (to '''*''' ) and XSD targetNamespace rename (to ** Note the Glassfish configuration code calling JBatch will need to be tweaked. ** Note all JSLs will need to be adjusted for the TNS change. * RI - Checkpoint timeout tests (EE-only) * RI - testPartitionedCollectorAnalyzerReducerChunkRestartItemCount10 - deadlock in Glassfish * partitioned batchlet String return value as exit status support * Repackaged and refactored SPIs, e.g. to be used in Glassfish * Addressed some TCK criticisms in Bug 4702 * Added JobOperator.getRunningExecutions() * Adjust StepContext/StepExecution persistent user data to reflect switch from Externalizable to Serializable (coming in PFD 1.5), but didn't do reader/writer checkpoint yet.
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