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RI Change History

The fact that OSGi manifest changes are tagged as EE-only reflects the fact we haven't spent time using OSGi with the SE distribution.


  • Internal build id - 0422d
  • Maven version - 1.0-b28
Editions affected Description
EE Adjust OSGi bundle names, numbers to align with Glassfish Maven<->OSGi artifact name mapping norms
EE Update API OSGi manifest to include CDI imports
Both Add package-level Javadoc info for API packages.
Both Log JSL validation errors w/ logger.warning msg - GLASSFISH-20418
Both Wasn't calling listeners on partitioned threads GLASSFISH-20440
Both Remove extra chunk exception wrapper.
Both Perform rollback after catching Throwable and do so in finally clause.
Both Readers and writers are closed in chunk tran instead of new tran in rollback/exception cases


  • Internal build id - 0422d
  • Maven version - 1.0-b28

This was the first delivery marked "Final Release".

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