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Last updated October 01, 2015 14:16, by ScottKurz
= RI Change History - OBSOLETE (ARCHIVED) == OBSOLETE (ARCHIVED) This page is no longer updated with the latest information and should probably not be relied upon. Otherwise it's left for historical purposes, and in case I misformatted or lost anything by mistake on the new page. == Note on OSGi manifest changes The fact that OSGi manifest changes are tagged as '''EE''' reflects the fact we haven't spent time trying to get the SE distribution to work in an SE environment. It doesn't mean that we know it won't work in SE. == 2013-06-26 === Note This update went only to the SE [ '''downloads'''] section of this Wiki as the [ latest RI zip]. Nothing was refreshed in Maven with this update. This means then that the functional change history between this latest SE RI zip and the [ previous 2013-04-22 SE RI zip] includes the list of changes/fixes spelled out in the 2013-05-21 update change history with the change history here for 2013-06-26 on top of it. I.e. there is a single code stream but two delivery vehicles, the '''downloads''' zips and Maven, which are not necessarily refreshed/updated in tandem. * '''Internal build id''' - 0626b * '''Maven version''' - 1.0 * Link to [ latest version of SE RI zip] === Change contents * Updated Javadoc fixing security exposure == 2013-05-21 * '''Internal build id''' - 0521a * '''Maven version''' - 1.0 * '''Git tags''' - api-1.0, impl-1.0 === Note This update went only to Maven, as version 1.0 of the various artifacts. Nothing was refreshed nor updated to the SE '''downloads''' section of this Wiki. === Change contents * Adjust OSGi bundle names, numbers to align with Glassfish Maven<->OSGi artifact name mapping norms ('''EE''') * Update API OSGi manifest to include CDI imports ('''EE''') * Add package-level Javadoc info for API packages. * Log JSL validation errors w/ logger.warning msg - [ GLASSFISH-20418] * Wasn't calling listeners on partitioned threads [ GLASSFISH-20440] * Remove extra chunk exception wrapper. * Perform rollback after catching Throwable and do so in finally clause. * Readers and writers are closed in chunk tran instead of new tran in rollback/exception cases == 2013-04-22 * '''Internal build id''' - 0422d * '''Maven version''' - 1.0-b28 * Link to [ 2013-04-22 version of SE RI zip] This was the first delivery marked "Final Release".
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