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Reference Implementation (RI)

The RI is packaged into distinct SE, EE distributions. The SE package is available as a zip download, while the EE distribution is available via Maven.

The only difference between the two versions is a pair of config files. The Java code is identical, though some classes, such as the function integrating with JTA via JNDI, will not be active "out of the box" on an SE platform.

These config files are

  • META-INF/services/
  • META-INF/services/

So this nets out to the fact that a given version of the SE RI zip should correspond to a specific set of EE RI artifacts in Maven, except with different values within the and files configuring the JSR 352 RI for SE and EE, respectively.

See RI_ChangeHistory for change history and some fix details for post-final release changes.




JAR Description
API This includes the JSR 352 specification-defined API.
Runtime This is the core implementation of the batch container.
RI SPI This layer allows programmatic config, and plugin to the Glassfish (or theoretically another) environment as "host"




  • The TCK Reference Guide is a PDF in the TCK zip at path: doc/jsr352-tck-reference-guide
  • See TCK_ChangeHistory for detailed history regarding updates/fixes/changes to the TCK after the final release.


Note the project was not developed primarily as an open-source project using Maven but rather part way through we decided to export via Maven. This explains the lack of conformance to typical Maven conventions and also the use of aggregation via the 'maven-shade-plugin'.

RI/TCK Source

  • HTTP browse
  • Git Checkout URL: git://

RI/TCK tracking

Expected results for the TestNG portion of the TCK.

 [testng] ===============================================
 [testng] JSR352 TCK SE
 [testng] Total tests run: 154, Failures: 0, Skips: 0
 [testng] ===============================================

Update - 2013-11-06: Note that the previous number of TestNG tests was 155, but one has since been excluded, bringing the number to 154.

Note there is also a SigTest portion as described in the TCK guide.

Difference compared to previous revision
! JAR ! Description |- | [ API] | This includes the JSR 352 specification-defined API. |- | [ Runtime]
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