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TCK Change History

Overview thoughts

The Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) should be updated more carefully than the RI, since we want to avoid the situation where a change breaks an implementation that had been running successfully (passing all tests) against a previous version of the TCK.

This might apply even if the fix is a "bug" in that the test logic clearly contradicts the intentions and behaviors stated in the specification. On the other hand changes like improving diagnostics and making the TCK more configurable and user-friendly should be able to be made without this type of concern.

We intend to make changes on a case-by-case basis, and deal with the above risk by:

  • Providing an explanation and justification for each change in the change history text on this page
  • Preserving the old versions of the JSR 352 TCK zips and continuing to make them available for download


  • Internal build id - 0522xx
  • Maven version - 1.0

Change contents

We updated the SigTest signature files


  • Internal build id - 0422d
  • Maven version - 1.0-b28

This was the first delivery marked "Final Release".

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