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Last updated January 03, 2014 03:29, by ScottKurz
= TCK Change History == Overview thoughts The Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) should be updated more carefully than the RI, since we want to avoid the situation where a change breaks an implementation that had been running successfully (passing all tests) against a previous version of the TCK. <p/> This might apply even if the fix is a "bug" in that the test logic clearly contradicts the intentions and behaviors stated in the specification. On the other hand changes like improving diagnostics and making the TCK more configurable and user-friendly should be able to be made without this type of concern. <p/> We intend to make changes on a case-by-case basis, and deal with the above risk by: * Providing an explanation and justification for each change in the change history text on this page * Preserving the old versions of the JSR 352 TCK zips and continuing to make them available for download === NOTE on '''Maven version''' The TCK isn't primarily delivered via Maven but rather via the download zip. However the core of the TCK binaries are indeed published to Maven, and there is a 1.0 version in Maven repositories. Note, however, that you should '''NOT''' pick up the TCK from Maven. == 2014-01-02 * '''Internal build id''' - 2014.01.02b * '''Maven version''' - N/A * Link to [ Most recent version of SE TCK zip] === Major Changes * [ Bug 5403 - Spec unclear on skipping part of an Exception hierarchy * [ Bug 5412 - DeciderTests#testDeciderExitStatusIsSetOnJobContext and step looping the TCK. * [ Bug 5597 - BatchletRestartStateMachineTests#testAllowStartIfCompleteRestartExecution off-by-1 error omits test clause * [ Bug 5614 - TCK expects JobExecution to be updated as job runs (More instances of issue from Bug 5371). No update to TCK reference guide or other instructions). == 2013-11-06 * '''Internal build id''' - 2013.11.06c * '''Maven version''' - N/A * Link to [ 2013-11-06 version of SE TCK zip] === Major Changes * [ Bug 5335 - Metrics timestamp assertions should be loosened with a precision buffer] * [ Bug 5371 - JobOperatorTests#testAbandoned() assumes earlier JobExecution instance will reflect subsequent status changes] * [ Bug 5379 - TCK ExecutionTests.testInvokeJobChunkWithFullAttributes challenge: SB wants to fail JSL ] Note this one resulted in a single test method being excluded from the TCK. * [ Bug 5385 - TCK tests (DeciderTests#testDeciderCannotbeFirstElementOnStart, etc. ) do not properly support either JobStartException or execution with FAILED ] * [ Bug 5490 - Clarify JobContext/StepContext properties; fix TCK to not depend on writable Properties ] No update to TCK reference guide or other instructions). == 2013-06-27 * '''Internal build id''' - 0627a * '''Maven version''' - N/A * Link to [ 2013-06-27 version of SE TCK zip] === Minor Changes * Fixed batch.xml, removing extraneous entries for classes that weren't even batch artifacts. * (No need to update the TCK reference guide or other instructions as in the earlier change). == 2013-06-26 * '''Internal build id''' - 0626b * '''Maven version''' - N/A * Link to [ 2013-06-26 version of SE TCK zip] === Major Changes (affects test pass/failure) * Updated the SigTest signature files for @Nonbinding issue. There is an associated change to the command needed to execute the signature tests (in short, the @Nonbinding class needs to be made available on the signature test execution classpath, e.g. via the CDI API jar). See change history within [ TCK Reference Guide] for more detail on this issue. === Minor Changes * Added/improved Javadoc especially the TCK "porting package" SPI == 2013-04-22 * '''Internal build id''' - 0422d * '''Maven version''' - 1.0-b28 * Link to [ 2013-04-22 version of SE TCK zip] This was the first delivery marked "Final Release".
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