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Last updated June 19, 2014 06:48, by Gaurav Gupta

Netbeans Java Batch Suite

The NetBeans jBatch Suite plugin assists software developers to create, design, and edit Java batch application models visually via graphical diagrams.
It automates Java code generation via JSR-352 from jBatch diagrams.

Source Code -

jBatch Suite API depends on Netbeans Modeler API for visual functionality .

Netbeans Modeler API : Contains functionality - basic core api for modeler and extended visual widget api (implementation used in jBPMN Modeler , jBatch Suite ) and Forked VMD Widget (implementation used in JPA Modeler ) .

jBatch Suite :

  • jBatch Modeler : Contains core jBatch functionality and widget classes
  • jBatch Specification : Contains core Batch Specification metadata , jaxb classes , java parser utilities
  • jBatch Code Generation : Contains Diagram to Java Source Code Converter functionality
  • jBatch Code Templates : Contains Java Batch Classes Templates (Chunk , Batchlet , Reader , Writer , Partition etc.)
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