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Last updated January 15, 2011 23:38, by Ludovic HOCHET

JBuilder Jabber Client Opentool


This opentool adds a Jabber client within JBuilder.

Please note this client does not support all Jabber features, use an external client to access more features (Jabber allows 2 or more clients to be connected at the same time). For more information on Jabber as well as a list of other clients see Features

  • Basic Jabber Features:
    • Messages
    • Chat
    • Group Chat
    • Presence
  • Basic File transfer
  • Allows to send different presences to different people
  • Invisible presence
  • Version/Time/Last activity information
  • Can autoconnect on start up
  • Differenciate own/others different resources
  • Saves the login details
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