JB JDK 1.5 Language Extension Compiler Support

Author: Ludovic HOCHET
Version: 0.2.1, 6/10/04


This opentool adds a new compiler option to the project properties build java page for compiling projects using JDK 1.5 (aka JDK 5) language extensions.


This opentool should work with JBuilder X (above Foundation) and JDK 1.5.
Note: According to a CodeCentral comment this also work on JBuilder 9.0 (above Personal)
Use it at your own risks. I take no responsibility for any damages that may result from using it.


Copy jdk15compiler.jar to <jbuilder>/lib/ext/ where <jbuilder> is the directory where JBuilder is installed.


Delete jdk15compiler.jar in <jbuilder>/lib/ext/ where <jbuilder> is the directory where JBuilder is installed.


For each project for which you want to use the JDK 1.5 language extensions do:

Known "problem"

Changes since vrs 0.2

Changes since vrs 0.1


Thanks to Keith Wood, whose Jikes compiler integration code provided the base for this OpenTool.


Ludovic HOCHET <lhochet@yahoo.fr> or Borland Newsgroup : borland.public.jbuilder.opentools