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Last updated May 13, 2014 14:10, by heathervc

Welcome to the JSR 364 ( project

This is the public project for JSR 364: Broadening JCP Membership . This JSR aims to broaden JCP membership and participation by defining new membership classes and changing existing membership categories. The goals are to enable participation by the Java developer community and to ensure the appropriate Intellectual Property (IP) commitments from Members of the JCP program.

As required by JCP 2.9, we will discuss our business in public, publish all of our working materials and meeting minutes, and track issues in the open:

  • Subscribe to the Observers' mailing-list (you'll need a login) to review and respond to Expert Group communications.
  • Visit the discussion forum to comment on the work of the Expert Group (we'd prefer that you use this rather than the Observer mailing-list, to keep mail traffic down).

NOTE: there is no need to formally "join" this project in order to participate - everything is visible to those who are not project members, and formal observer status carries no additional privileges.


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