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Last updated December 03, 2013 10:50, by Rajmahendra

Chennai JDuchess

A Java community for women in and around Chennai. A platform for women in all levels of expertise and bring out their skills in Java related technology to promote, collaborate, share and learn from each other.

About A volunteer, community-driven, Java community exclusively for women in and around Chennai to promote, collaborate, share and learn from each others as a community.

Activities A virtual platform for sharing experience, asking question, posting your views on others questions. Share useful technical articles. Participate in live meetings, hands on program on java technology and more.

Community This is open for all levels, college students, graduates or freshers, entrepreneurs, professionals, architects, testers, project leads etc and people who like to learn and share this wonderful Java ecosystem.

How to join Only women can join the group. First step is to join the Google Group and Facebook group (see below for the url.) Google group is the primary communication mailing list. Facebook is for normal article/url sharing group. If you are member in this group then you can share your experience and gain knowledge.

Mailing List Post doubts, ideas and views by others and answers Meetups Live meetup takes place every month in Chennai. Expert Meetups We invites Java experts around the world to talk in our community. Hands on event Hands on session on different Java technologies.

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