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sanity commit of kleopatra section
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svn / trunk / updatelibs.xml

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project name="JDNC Incubator" default="run" basedir=".">
  <target name="run">
    <!-- get the files from hudson -->
    <get src="" dest="www/demos/lib/share/swingx-head.jar"/>
    <get src="" dest="www/demos/lib/share/swingx-beaninfo-head.jar"/>
    <!--get src="" dest="www/demos/lib/share/swingx-weekly.jar"/-->
    <!-- copy new files to all other places they belong -->
    <copy file="www/demos/lib/share/swingx-head.jar" toFile="lib/share/swingx-head.jar"/>
    <copy file="www/demos/lib/share/swingx-beaninfo-head.jar" toFile="lib/share/swingx-beaninfo-head.jar"/>
  	<!-- remove sticky tag first so we can commit back -->
  	<cvs command="up -A"/>
  	<!-- commit all new files to the incubator -->
    <cvs command='commit -m "Up to date" www/demos/lib/share/swingx-head.jar'/>
    <cvs command='commit -m "Up to date" lib/share/swingx-head.jar'/>
    <cvs command='commit -m "Up to date" www/demos/lib/share/swingx-beaninfo-head.jar'/>
    <cvs command='commit -m "Up to date" lib/share/swingx-beaninfo-head.jar'/>
    <!--cvs command='commit -m "Up to date" www/demos/lib/share/swingx-weekly.jar'/-->
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