[Jersey] Re: Troubles with WADL / generated XSD using Jersey with a contract-first approach

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  • Subject: [Jersey] Re: Troubles with WADL / generated XSD using Jersey with a contract-first approach
  • Date: Mon, 04 Jun 2012 12:48:33 +0200

Hello Marc,

you might find a bug. Do you see anything like:

            LOG.info( "The wadl application created by the delegate ("+ _delegate +") already contains a grammars element," +
                    " we're adding elements of the provided grammars file." );

in your log file?

WadlGeneratorJAXBGrammarGenerator is now default WADL generator for Jersey, but looks like it might be just wrapped by configuration set via your WadlGeneratorConfig descendant, which does not seem like the way how it should work. Can you please verify that mentioned message is present (and provide "_delegate" value found there) and file new bug? (java.net/jira/browse/JERSEY)


On 6/3/12 3:14 PM, Marc CARRÉ wrote:

I have been working on a REST web service using Jersey for a few days now, and managed to have all CRUD operations working, with several exchange formats: XML, JSON, Google Protobuf.
However, I am facing some issues related to automatically generated WADL and XSD.


To define the objects exchanged in these three formats, I have followed a "contract-first" approach:
  • - from a XSD I wrote, I generated my model classes using JAXB;
  • - from an equivalent proto file I wrote, I generated the Google Protobuf classes (and internally have a way to convert these to the JAXB-generated objects, in order to have an unique model).

However, as I would like my users to be able to generate their classes too, I would like to share these schema files (.xsd and .proto) and have them well integrated with the automatically generated WADL.

For that purpose, thanks to this wiki page:
  • I have exposed the two files under:
  • I have added an application-grammar file:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<grammars xmlns="http://wadl.dev.java.net/2009/02"
    <include href="../schema/schema.xsd" />

  • I have added a customized WADL generator:
public class RichWadlGeneratorConfig extends WadlGeneratorConfig {
    public List<WadlGeneratorDescription> configure() {
        return generator(WadlGeneratorApplicationDoc.class)
                .prop("applicationDocsStream", "application-doc.xml")
                .prop("grammarsStream", "application-grammars.xml")

This way the below appears in the WADL, when I hit /rest/application.wadl:

     <include href="../schema/schema.xsd"/>
     <include href="application.wadl/xsd0.xsd">
          <doc title="Generated" xml:lang="en"/>


application.wadl/xsd0.xsd is automatically generated from my classes, but is quite different from what I initially had in schema.xsd.
In addition to that, calling a tool like wadl2java on this WADL fails miserably, presumably because
  • ../schema/schema.xsd
  • application.wadl/xsd0.xsd

are now conflicting (two definitions for the same objects).

  1. Is there a way to disable the generation and diffusion of this automatically generated XSD?
    (As I don't need it since I'm following this "contract-first" approach)

  2. If not, is there a way to "override" its content with my manually written XSD when /rest/application.wadl/xsd0.xsd is hit?
    (I have googled around and found about WadlResource to generate customized WADL, but found nothing about the XSD generation itself)

Thanks in advance for your help!


PS: I have also posted on Stackoverflow and plan to diffuse the solution when I finally find it.

[Jersey] Troubles with WADL / generated XSD using Jersey with a contract-first approach

Marc CARRÉ 06/03/2012

[Jersey] Re: Troubles with WADL / generated XSD using Jersey with a contract-first approach

Pavel Bucek 06/04/2012
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