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Revision: 10815
Modified: 23 Apr 15:03 (3 years)
Author: damencho
Log Entry: Fixes a problem with quickly displaying video preview can leave the camera open, adds listeners earlier to be sure we will get ui events to stop player.
Revision: 10789
Modified: 19 Apr 21:18 (3 years)
Author: bgrozev
Log Entry: Ignores the 'RTP pacing threshold' setting if it's set to over 1000 (as opposed to failing with an exception).
Revision: 10779
Modified: 17 Apr 12:48 (3 years)
Author: PawelDomas
Log Entry: Fixes SAS verification status updates for ZRTP.
Revision: 10778
Modified: 17 Apr 12:10 (3 years)
Author: vincent_lucas
Log Entry: Corrects ZRTP SAS validation: check that the provided SAS is not null before validation.
Revision: 10777
Modified: 17 Apr 01:04 (3 years)
Author: lubomir_m
Log Entry: Attempts to improve the RTP packet queue/the audio jitter buffer with resepect to recovery when the queue/buffer is full. Works on bringing uniformity to the media processing threads created by FMJ and libjitsi as part of an effort to resolve quality degradation made very audible by jitsi-videobridge.
Revision: 10776
Modified: 16 Apr 20:04 (3 years)
Author: vincent_lucas
Log Entry: Improves handler for DTMF events: when sending several DTMF tones in a short frame, the notification sound is no more clipped but played entirely. The property is added to define a maximal duration for the RFC 2833/4733 DTMF tones.
Revision: 10769
Modified: 13 Apr 07:59 (3 years)
Author: wernerd
Log Entry: Merge branch 'ingo'
Revision: 10758
Modified: 11 Apr 13:37 (3 years)
Author: hristo_terezov
Log Entry: Fixed import.
Revision: 10756
Modified: 11 Apr 13:21 (3 years)
Author: hristo_terezov
Log Entry: Fix for the issue when the encoder and the rtpConnectors are in separate VideoMediaDeviceSession instances and the encoder doesn't receive the key frame requests from other peers.
Revision: 10752
Modified: 11 Apr 09:56 (3 years)
Author: bgrozev
Log Entry: Improves setting of the stream direction when processing jingle content-accept messages. This fixes a problem with video conferences where video streams sometimes 'freeze' if a non-focus starts to send video (while the focus is not sending video)
showing 1 - 10 of 244
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