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Revision: 10847

Adds call control from the status bar notification.
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FilenameAuthorRevisionModifiedLog Entry
wernerd 6180 about 6 years ago Remove a debug/trace printout .....
damencho 3204 about 8 years ago retroweve libs
yanas 6707 almost 6 years ago Try to fix incorrect rendering o...
kane77 4034 over 7 years ago Merging changes from trunk
emcho 5427 over 6 years ago Created branch in the wrong loca...
ysaak 6141 about 6 years ago Big update for the project: soun...
jimpu2 7667 about 5 years ago branch updated to trunk
smazy 4726 about 7 years ago merged with trunk rev 4725 (last...
dtroit 6033 about 6 years ago --
sylar 4393 about 7 years ago some problem due to doubling of ...
sylar 5319 over 6 years ago Proxy support for jabber (gtalk)
yanas 4407 about 7 years ago Disable transparency.
emcho 3740 over 7 years ago Creating a branch for testing gs...
yanas 7639 over 5 years ago Creating a branch for touch scre...
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