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Revision: 10830

Sync with Jitsi r9603. Adds the possibility to send message or call a specific contact resource (Requested by Mark Atwood and Bdale Garbee). Adds better formatting of tooltips and chat send via selector box.
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FilenameAuthorRevisionModifiedLog Entry
wernerd 10769 over 2 years ago Merge branch 'ingo' Conflicts: ...
lubomir_m 9637 over 3 years ago Commits work in progress on libj...
lubomir_m 10036 almost 3 years ago Fixes a discrepancy/inaccuracy i...
lubomir_m 10777 over 2 years ago Attempts to improve the RTP pack...
damencho 10815 over 2 years ago Fixes a problem with quickly dis...
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