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[jsr338-experts] Re: API bundles and OSGi bundle activators

  • From: Steve Ebersole <steve.ebersole@...>
  • To: jsr338-experts@...
  • Subject: [jsr338-experts] Re: API bundles and OSGi bundle activators
  • Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2013 14:06:41 -0600

Seems incorrect to have jpa-api jars register bundle activators for specific providers. At least thats what I assume you are doing. The bundle activator really ought to be defined within the provider bundles. Forcing people to use particular providers merely through the inclusion of one jpa-api jar or another just feels wrong, even if JPA and EE (and Enterprise OSGi) do not explicitly disallow it. Now what happens when an OSGi bundle has access to the jpa-api jar from Hibernate and Eclipse Link and Geronimo and ... ? Thats just an ugly scenario since some of these jpa-api jars are defining bundle activators.

To your specific question, the various containers should work in portable manners but in practice they really often do not. Our experience in getting Hibernate working with OSGi is that these containers often have inconsistent expectations. Even more of a reason for the jpa-api jars to be "clean" imo.

On 11/15/2013 10:27 AM, Kevin Sutter wrote:
When we attempt to use the JPA API jar file ( in WebSphere, the OSGi bundle activator doesn't seem to work properly. The WebSphere OSGi runtime is based on Apache Aries. If we use the JPA API jar file that the Geronimo team created ( [1], that bundle activator seems to work just fine. I'm not an expert with these OSGi bundle activators and I'm following up on various avenues. But, since I ran into this issue first with our JPA API jar file, I thought I would post this out to our expert group first.

So, my question is whether the bundle activators provided by our API jar files are supposed to be generic enough to work with any OSGi provider? I notice on the EclipseLink site that we have tested this with the Gemini environment and possibly the Equinox environment? So, I'm sure they work fine with WebLogic and Glassfish.

I guess I'm wondering what the expected pattern is. Are these provided bundle activators just provided as an example? And, we as consumers are expected to override these bundle activators to work with our specific environments?

FYI, I hit this issue with our JPA API bundle, but it looks like other Java EE API jar files are in the same boat.

Kevin Sutter

[1] I have noticed that the JPA 2.1 API jar file created by Geronimo currently doesn't contain any bundle activators, so I provided a link to the JPA 2.0 version of the API jar file.

[jsr338-experts] Re: API bundles and OSGi bundle activators

Steve Ebersole 12/17/2013

[jsr338-experts] Re: API bundles and OSGi bundle activators

Kevin Sutter 12/20/2013
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