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Building JPCM on Darwin and Linux

The current build (Darwin and Linux) uses SCons, a software construction tool written in Python.

To install on Mac OS X:

$ sudo port install scons

You might need to install MacPorts first

To install on Fedora:

$ yum install scons

To install on Ubuntu:

$ apt-get install scons

The SCons build not builds all parts of the Linux and Darwin ports. To build go into the source directory and type:

$ scons

This will build the whole project including the DirectHW driver on Darwin, the resulting binaries can be found in the build/image/jpcm-{version}/ directory. This directory is assembled into a build/jpcm-{version}.tar.gz file for distribution. You probably be prompted for your administrator password on Darwin. This is necessary for applying the appropriate permissions to kernel driver.

Testing that the PCM counters are working:

On Mac OS X (10.5 or later) you'll first need to install the kernel driver (Linux's kernel support comes out of the box). There is a binary installer available: jpcm-{version}/drivers/DirectHW.dmg. You'll either need to reboot or load the driver manually.

sudo kextload -v /System/Library/Extensions/DirectHW.kext
Or if you are actively developing you can load the driver from the source tree:
sudo kextload -v src/drivers/DirectHW/build/DirectHW/System/Library/Extensions/DirectHW.kext
Then run one of the binaries and look at the counters:
sudo build/image/jpcm-{version}/bin/cpucounterstest

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<span>==Building JPCM on Darwin and Linux== The current build (Darwin and Linux) uses [ SCons], a software construction tool written in Python. ===To install on Mac OS X:=== <span style="text-decoration:underline;color:green"> </span><pre>$ sudo port install scons</pre><span style="text-decoration:underline;color:green"> You might need to install [ MacPorts] first</span> ===To install on Fedora:=== <pre>$ yum install scons</pre><span>
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