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Last updated February 20, 2012 18:24, by mikeb2701
==Building JPCM on Darwin and Linux== The current build (Darwin and Linux) uses [ SCons], a software construction tool written in Python. ===To install on Mac OS X:=== <pre>$ sudo port install scons</pre> You might need to install [ MacPorts] first ===To install on Fedora:=== <pre>$ yum install scons</pre> ===To install on Ubuntu:=== <pre>$ apt-get install scons</pre> The SCons build not builds all parts of the Linux and Darwin ports. To build go into the source directory and type: <pre>$ scons</pre> This will build the whole project including the DirectHW driver on Darwin, the resulting binaries can be found in the ''build/image/jpcm-{version}/'' directory. This directory is assembled into a build/jpcm-{version}.tar.gz file for distribution. You probably be prompted for your administrator password on Darwin. This is necessary for applying the appropriate permissions to kernel driver. ===Testing that the PCM counters are working:=== On Mac OS X (10.5 or later) you'll first need to install the kernel driver (Linux's kernel support comes out of the box). There is a binary installer available: ''jpcm-{version}/drivers/DirectHW.dmg''. You'll either need to reboot or load the driver manually. <pre>sudo kextload -v /System/Library/Extensions/DirectHW.kext</pre> Or if you are actively developing you can load the driver from the source tree: <pre>sudo kextload -v src/drivers/DirectHW/build/DirectHW/System/Library/Extensions/DirectHW.kext</pre> Then run one of the binaries and look at the counters: <pre>build/image/jpcm-{version}/bin/cpucounterstest</pre>
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