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[JScience-Dev] Re: Jscience

  • From: Jean-Marie Dautelle <dautelle@...>
  • To: Stefan Theurich <stefan.theurich@...>
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  • Subject: [JScience-Dev] Re: Jscience
  • Date: Fri, 31 May 2013 15:13:40 +0200

Hi Stephan,
All the problems you encounter are caused by the UTF-8 encoding not being set in your IDE. If you build from ant or maven, this is taken into account in the script.
But if you are using Eclipse or others IDEs you might have to set the UTF-8 encoding manually. UTF-8 encoding as been selected because it is the defacto standard for international encoding.
JScience 5.0 is being queued after the Javolution 6.0 (with Java 8 closure support) which is scheduled for release in the coming weeks. We can expect JScience 5.0 release early Summer.
Best regards,

On Fri, May 31, 2013 at 1:41 PM, Stefan Theurich <stefan.theurich@...> wrote:
Hello Mr. Dautelle,

I use Jscience 4.3.1 for a project and fell over some minor issues. Since I
also use *ix machines I didn't recognise the encoding problems at the first
place. But when I tried to use and to compile it on a windows machine there
were several errors due to unicode characters in the source code. I replaced
all of them by the proper escape sequences. Some of the symbols might be still
ambiguous (e.g. the dot operator may be encoded as "middle dot" (U+00B7) or
"dot operator" (U+22C5); or the great omega and the ohm-sign). This could be a
problem in parsing amounts.

The last problem left was the constants-class. Here, unicode characters were
used in identifiers. This makes source code that uses the constants nicer, but
is an interoperability problem. I would personally tend to not using them. So,
I also changed the identifiers in question and also added synonyms using upper
case letters as recommended by the Java conventions.

I attached a diff based on the released source code version 4.3.1. Maybe You
have a use for it.

Additionally, I'd like to ask how version 5 is going? I checked out the svn
trunk these days. It seems, the refactoring isn't finished at the moment. You
wrote on one news group in January that you still need some weeks. What's the
current status?

Thanks for Your work, it really saved me much time.


Stefan Theurich

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[JScience-Dev] Re: Jscience

Jean-Marie Dautelle 05/31/2013
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