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[jsr353-experts] Re: [json-processing-spec users] PR status

  • From: Werner Keil < >
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  • Subject: [jsr353-experts] Re: [json-processing-spec users] PR status
  • Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2012 21:34:02 +0100

While we meet at EC F2F the PR seems on, that will be a good opportunity to discuss.
You may have missed the Spec Lead Call about TCK with Patrick last week, but it was recorded. Interesting question I had was asked, Patrick confirmed, for e.g. CLDC there could be a subset RI and TCK for a JSR that's relevant to multiple platforms.

Happy Holidays,

Am 24.12.2012 19:41 schrieb "Jitendra Kotamraju" < "> >:
Public review and ballot dates are posted on
PR ends on 21st Jan, and ballot ends on 04th Feb


On 12/19/2012 10:51 AM, Jitendra Kotamraju wrote:
I submitted the PR draft [1] to JCP and also hosted the javadoc [2].
I will let you know when JCP hosts the draft for review.
RI artifacts (b02 version) [3] are pushed to maven central.

Thanks to EG members and user community for contributing towards this milestone.
We can discuss the remaining issues next week or in new year. Happy holidays !





[jsr353-experts] PR status

Jitendra Kotamraju 12/19/2012

[jsr353-experts] Re: [json-processing-spec users] PR status

Jitendra Kotamraju 12/24/2012

[jsr353-experts] Re: [json-processing-spec users] PR status

Werner Keil 12/24/2012
Please Confirm