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[jsr353-experts] Re: [json-processing-spec users] JAX-RS integration

  • From: Jonathan Fuerth < >
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  • Subject: [jsr353-experts] Re: [json-processing-spec users] JAX-RS integration
  • Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2013 15:44:23 -0500

Using JsonStructure as the integration point between the specs sounds fine to me.

I totally agree with the comment further down the thread that JSON-P is a confusing name for this standard. There's already a well-known technique for working around cross-origin web browser restrictions called JSONP.


On 2013-01-23, at 2:44 PM, Jitendra Kotamraju wrote:

JAX-RS spec leads started a discussion about JSON Processing integration at thread [1]. Please follow the discussion.

Some of the JAX-RS resource examples are in the directory [2]. But if JAX-RS mandates the support, then an application doesn't have to write MessageBodyReader/MessageBodyWriter implementations for JsonObject/JsonArray/JsonStructure, instead JAX-RS container would provide them. So, JsonBodyReader/JsonBodyWriter in that dir wouldn't be necessary.

If you have any feedback, let me know.


[jsr353-experts] JAX-RS integration

Jitendra Kotamraju 01/23/2013

[jsr353-experts] Re: [json-processing-spec users] JAX-RS integration

Jonathan Fuerth 01/23/2013

[jsr353-experts] Re: [json-processing-spec users] JAX-RS integration

Jitendra Kotamraju 01/23/2013

[jsr353-experts] Re: [json-processing-spec users] Re: JAX-RS integration

Jonathan Fuerth 01/24/2013
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