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 <body bgcolor="#FFFFFF" text="#000000">
-<h1>Default project home page </h1>
-<p>Congratulations on your new project! </p>
-<p>This page is the home page for your new project. This content is appearing 
-  because you have selected the option <b>Use project index.html</b>. To edit 
-  the information displayed on this page, just use CVS to check out your project's 
-  CVS repository and edit index.html in directory www. You can get more information 
-  on how to set-up your local CVS client, click on <b>Version Control</b> on the 
-  left nav bar. </p>
-<p>If you don't want to use CVS to manage your home page, click on the <b>Edit 
-  project</b> link on this page and unclick the option <b>Use project index.html</b>. 
-  Your project home page contents will be generated from the <b>Edit project</b> 
-  field <b>Description</b>. Edit the text on that field to change your home page 
-  contents. Click on <b>Submit changes</b> to save your edits. </p>
-<p>If you are looking for <a href="">sample 
-  home page templates</a>, check out the <a href=""> 
-  Project Starter Kit</a>. Copy either of the templates into your project's html 
-  to get started on your project's home page. </p>
-<p>You can find lots of helpful information in the Starter Kit to get your project 
-  started. Some of the things you will find in there include:</p>
-  <li>Hints on how to <a href="">set-up 
-    your project's</a> home page</li>
-  <li>Ideas on how to <a href="">publicize 
-    your project</a> including RSS feeds</li>
-  <li>Hints on <a href="">project 
-    page HTML</a></li>
-  <li>Setting up project <a href="">wiki 
-    pages</a></li>
-  <li>And places to go if <a href="">you 
-    have questions</a>.</li>
-<p>Remember that you will attract more new members and your project team will 
-  work more effectively if you, as the project owner, supply sufficient information 
-  about your project for visitors to your project space. Good luck with your new 
-  project! </p>
+<h1>JSR-170 Expert Group</h1>
+<p>This is the test space for the JSR-170 Expert Group</p>
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