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Re: ACTION REQUIRED: Move JSR-333 to JCP 2.9 (was Re: Proposed Final Draft of JSR-333)

  • From: Heather VanCura <heather@...>
  • To: Randall Hauch <rhauch@...>, Peeter Piegaze <ppiegaze@...>
  • Cc: dev@..., David Nuescheler <uncled@...>, Jean-Michel Pittet <jmp@...>, Stefan Spycher <sspycher@...>
  • Subject: Re: ACTION REQUIRED: Move JSR-333 to JCP 2.9 (was Re: Proposed Final Draft of JSR-333)
  • Date: Sun, 6 Oct 2013 20:15:06 -0700

Hi Randall,
Thank you for bringing this conversation back again. You have a great start to the migration of JSR 333 to JCP 2.9.
It appears you have only #2 and #7 in your email below outstanding. At this point your EG is closed, so that items is NA, and I think you and Peeter could suggest that JSR 333 will submit the request to move to JCP 2.9 next week, unless you hear objections from the EG.
What do you think?
- Heather
On Sep 19, 2013, at 11:17 AM, Randall Hauch wrote:

FYI: I've removed spec-submit@... from the CC list so the JSR-333 Expert Group can formulate our responses.

On Aug 22, 2013, at 4:07 PM, Heather VanCura <heather@...> wrote:

Hello Peeter,

Thank you for your submission. It is nice to see steady progress! Please review and submit the checklist below with your submission:

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to point out that the most current version of the JCP is JCP 2.9. All new JSRs automatically start in this JCP version, but your JSR is operating under JCP 2.7 (since your JSR that was started before JCP 2.9 was available). Migrating to the current version is easy to do and offers the community much greater visibility into your JSR, and we encourage you to migrate to JCP 2.9, the latest version of the JCP. The instructions for doing so are listed at the url below.

Best regards,

I don't recall seeing any progress on the move to JCP 2.9. If there is, what is the status. If there has not been any progress, then I suggest we attempt to make this move as soon as possible. As noted above, documents the process for changing JCP versions. I've taken the liberty of reviewing these steps and providing preliminary responses (see below), mostly based upon the information on the existing page.


Thanks and best regards,

Randall Hauch

STEP 1: JSR-333 is currently using JCP 2.7. Identify any differences between the questions answered when JSR-333 was started (see with the latest version (see

Question 2.4 in JCP 2.7 was removed in JCP 2.9.
JCP 2.9 added the following questions, and I've given draft answers for them:
Q: 2.18 Please describe the communications channel you have established for the public to observe Expert Group deliberations, provide feedback, and view archives of all Expert Group communications. *
The Expert Group uses the mailing lists (see for all communication. These mailing lists can be browsed anonymously, and anyone wishing to subscribe and participate can do so after logging in at
2.19 What is the URL of the Issue Tracker that the public can read, and how does the public log issues in the Issue Tracker? *
This JSR uses the JIRA issue tracker found at and listed on the project page at jsr-333. Issues are viewable to all non-registered users, but only registered and logged-in users may log new issues.
2.20 Please provide the location of the publicly accessible document archive you have created for the Expert Group: *
This JSR's project page is at, which lists and documents the URLs for the JIRA issue tracker, the Subversion version control system instance used to manage the specification content, and the mailing lists (including browsable archive).
4.1 This section contains any additional information that the submitting Member wishes to include in the JSR.

STEP 2: Ensure that the JSR uses the Java Specification Participation Agreement 2.0.
        JSR-333 already does (see

STEP 3: Provide the answers to the following questions, sending them in e-mail to admin@....
Which JSR do you want to move to 2.9? JSR-333
Do all of the experts on your Expert Group agree to change to JCP 2.9? **TODO**
What is the specific URL for the document archive?
What is the specific URL for the Issue Tracker?
What is the specific URL for the EG communication archive?
What is the description of your communications channel/how the public should provide feedback? The Expert Group uses the mailing lists (see for all communication. These mailing lists can be browsed anonymously, and anyone wishing to subscribe and participate can do so after logging in at .
How will you consult with the Expert Group of your JSR on new Expert Group nominations? **TODO**
How will you provide details of the Expert Group nominations for your JSR to the public? The Expert Group members are listed at

STEP 4: Provide answers to the 2.9 transparency checklist, sending them in e-mail to admin@....

(1) Is the schedule for the JSR publicly available, current, and updated regularly?
The schedule will be updated as needed both on the update page and
also on the details page and currently exposes the latest version on the
JSR update page.

(2) Can the public read and/or write to a wiki for the JSR?
The Jackrabbit wiki has been used by the community as a white board
of many jsr-283 related topics.

(3) Is there a publicly accessible discussion board for the JSR that you read and respond to regularly?
Well over one hundred substantive messages have been sent back and
forth through jsr-283-comments@..., these included inquiries and
comments by the general public that have been promptly answered.
There other mailing lists are also available for browsing and subscription

(4) Have you spoken at conferences and events about the JSR recently?

(5) Are you using open-source processes for the development of the RI and/or the TCK?
Yes. The Apache Jackrabbit project hosts all the development of RI & TCK.

(6) What are the Terms of Use required to use the collaboration tools you have
prepared to use with the Expert Group, so that prospective EG members can
judge whether they are compatible with the JSPA?

The terms of use for the site are found here:
The terms of use for the wiki are found here: ????????

(7) Does the Community tab for my JSR have links to and information about all public communication mechanisms and sites for the development of my JSR?

Re: ACTION REQUIRED: Move JSR-333 to JCP 2.9 (was Re: Proposed Final Draft of JSR-333)

Heather VanCura 10/07/2013
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