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Stephan Koops wrote:
Hi Markus,

because the server should do it every time, I think the runtime environment should do it.

Yes. Either the container (like Servlet) or the JAX-RS runtime if the container does not do it.


If not, it generates boilerplate code and will often not be done by developers, I think.
I think that a little note, that it should be done automaticly, is useful.

Marc meant, that he don't want to repeat the RFC 2616.

best regards

Markus KARG schrieb:
HTTP/1.1 chapter 13 ("Caching") says that a compliant server should send a Date header always to indicate the time of response. This allows calculation of the age of a cached entity.

Will that Date header be created automatically or why is there no .date(Date) method in ResponseBuilder?


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Date header

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Re: Date header

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Re: Date header

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