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[RI] removed code would cause trouble with UTF encoded strings - so far no need for truncation of array
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ronaldtoegl 30 almost 7 years ago [Cordelia] Feature Selection Exc...
ronaldtoegl 44 over 6 years ago [Cordelia] Current UML picture o...
ronaldtoegl 55 over 6 years ago [Cordelia] jTSS 0.4 beta binarie...
ronaldtoegl 29 almost 7 years ago [Cordelia] Initial Check-In of t...
ronaldtoegl 68 over 6 years ago [Bianca] new folder structure fo...
Project Cordelia,
Version 0.0.1 "First Glimpse"

An easy-to-use Java API for Trusted Computing.

Copyright (c) IAIK, Graz University of Technology, 2008.
All rights reserved.

Note: While this project is an early draft within JSR321, it is NOT an Early or 
Public Draft in the sense of the Java Community Process. It may NOT be used
or distributed without authorization.

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