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[JSR355 EG] Re: JSR 356 TCK License

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  • Subject: [JSR355 EG] Re: JSR 356 TCK License
  • Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 16:28:20 -0300

On 28/02/2012, at 15:49, Werner Keil wrote:

Dear All,

I had an interesting conversation with Apache DeltaSpike project lead Mark Strubert (also EG Member, at least CDI as far as he told me) in Vienna last night.
He pointed to an odd aspect of JSR 356, see the proposal page (link TCK License) 

The TCK license is only available for a fee of 35k US$, that I agree with Mark is an extremely hefty fee for every Open Source initiative or SME, the latter I represent as Individual Member. I am aware, there isn't any more Individual Member in SE/EE at least until the merge is complete, but wanted to ask especially the JUGs and other SE/EE EC members if they're aware of it, and how they feel about that? I am too little of a lawyer to tell, if it violates or complies with JCP 2.8 recommendations and guidelines, but that beside the SE/EE EC I also wanted to share with all JSR 355 EG Members, too

As I understand, the TCK licenses is charged by the spec lead, and what the JCP requires is a RAND clause, although as it has been said many times, RAND does discriminates agains open source projects...

In any case, the way this was solved was that Sun had an agreement that all TCK licenses would be offered for free for open source projects (actually, the deal was that there would be a kind of scholarship that open source projects could apply to, so, it wasn't actually "free", but it was kind like "paid by Sun"). I don't think that deal extended further then Sun licensed TCKs though. 

I would imagine (hope?) that this scholarship program is still in place under Oracle? But I really don't know.

Now... although the question is still valid if the scholarship program is valid or not, the license for the TCK for the above JSR is indeed licensed for free for non-profits:

B. For Qualified Not-for-Profits and Qualified Individuals: $0.

So, I think this is a reasonable compromise, isn't it?

Kind Regards,


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[JSR355 EG] JSR 356 TCK License

Werner Keil 02/28/2012

[JSR355 EG] Re: JSR 356 TCK License

Patrick Curran 02/28/2012

[JSR355 EG] Re: JSR 356 TCK License

Bruno F. Souza 02/28/2012
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