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[jsr360-experts] Welcome to JSR360 - JSR 360 EG Kick-off

  • From: Michael Lagally < >
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  • Cc: Calinel Pasteanu < >, Roger Riggs < >
  • Subject: [jsr360-experts] Welcome to JSR360 - JSR 360 EG Kick-off
  • Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2013 15:33:04 +0100

Dear JSR360 / CLDC8 experts,

we're glad to inform you that we're now ready to start with the EG work for JSR360.

We welcome the following people and companies in the JSR 360 expert group:

Stefano Andreani
Yagamy Huang, Aplix Corporation
Werner Keil
Thomas Lampart, Cinterion Wireless Modules GmbH
Hernan Perrone, TOTVS
Erkki Rysä, North Sixty-One Ltd
Thiago Galbiatti Vespa
Yimin Ye, Nokia

As the first step, we would like to schedule a kick-off call within the next two weeks to introduce the EG members,
present the JSR scope, talk about logistics and planning. 
After that we intend to have regular weekly phone conferences (1-2 hours) and need to find a time slot 
that works for all. 
Since we have world-wide participants among the members of the expert group including 
Japan, China, Europe, Brazil and the US, un fortunately the common time is rather limited. 
Checking at shows that the most reasonable time slot for all would be
at 12:00 or 13:00 UTC/GMT.

First we have to find a date/time for the kick-off call. Please indicate your availability at the 

Second, we have to align on a time/day for the weekly EG call.
For this purpose we have created another poll at:

Please indicate your availability in both polls, let us know via mail in case none of these options would work for you.

We're looking forward to a productive and interesting expert group work.

Kind regards,

Michael Lagally / Roger Riggs
JSR 360 SpecLeads

[jsr360-experts] Welcome to JSR360 - JSR 360 EG Kick-off

Michael Lagally 01/31/2013
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