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[jsr360-experts] JSR 360 EG call notes - May 29th

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  • Subject: [jsr360-experts] JSR 360 EG call notes - May 29th
  • Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2013 23:00:39 +0200

Dear JSR 360 experts,

Here are the notes from the last JSR 360 call on May 29th.

Call Participants:

Thomas Lampart, Cinterion
Erkky Rysä, North Sixty-One
Werner Keil
David Campelo, Totvs
Michael Lagally, Oracle
Roger Riggs, Oracle

Call Notes:

• Michael has presented the JSR360 at the next F2F of the JCP Executive Committee
   on May 14th.

• EDR feedback 
IBM's EDR comments were discussed in the call
Wheres UI is out of scope of CLDC and can be provided by other optional packages,
the memory footprint comments triggered a discussion about API optionality.
• Discussion about API Optionality 
Since the size of the current EDR draft may exceed the memory footprint of
small controllers, the SpecLeads propose to define a Compact subset of the
current APIs, where the packages nio2, nio file, Logging are not contained.
The entire set of these APIs is either present or absent, no other permutations are
permitted to avoid fragmentation.
Thomas commented that the performance of CLDC8 must not be worse than
the performance of CLDC1.1. The selection of the packages appears right.

• Discussion about Access Point extensions 
Roger presented the new draft of the AccessPoint API.
The new method AccessPoint.of can be used as a factory for new AccessPoint
Thomas noted that there's a certain API overlap between the AccessPoint of
JSR360 and the Cellular package in JSR361. 
Roger commented that the separation is at the IP layer, "Roaming" should be put into the cellular package.
Werner suggested to keep the names of factory methods consistent across the spec, 
i.e. to pick one of "valueOf", "instanceOf" or "of".

• Discussion about EventListener / EventObject
Werner commented that it is not obvious why EventListener, EventObject were 
added to the spec.
Michael commented that it was introduced on request of another project, 
needs to investigate will provide details.
(Meanwhile the investigation showed that these should be retained, 
since they are used by other projects, e.g. ME-EP)

• Discussion about ModemConnection
Thomas commented that the previous name SerialConnection still appears in the description,
will be fixed.An example would help to understand how to use the serial connection.

EG members are encouraged to continue reviewing the Specification draft and 
to raise comments and questions to the SpecLeads and discuss within the EG.
Best regards,

Roger and Michael

[jsr360-experts] JSR 360 EG call notes - May 29th

Michael Lagally 06/10/2013
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