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[jsr360-experts] JSR 360 CLDC 8 Review has started

  • From: roger riggs < >
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  • Subject: [jsr360-experts] JSR 360 CLDC 8 Review has started
  • Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2013 09:14:19 -0400
  • Organization: Oracle Corporation

The public review of JSR 360[1] CLDC 8 officially began on August 27th and
will run through September 26th.

Please review the specification in detail and send comments to the JSR 360 observes list[3] or
enter issues into the JSR 360 issue tracker[4].

The public review draft is available from the JCP JSR 360 download[2] <> page.

If you know of other interested parties, please let them know about the progress
and updates to the updated CLDC specification.

Thanks to the expert group for their contributions and support of JSR 360.

Thanks, Michael Lagally and Roger Riggs



[jsr360-experts] JSR 360 CLDC 8 Review has started

roger riggs 08/30/2013
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